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To Angola, With Love

October 25, 2009

Shining a light on the goodness of Angolan cuisine this week. Coming up, the sweetness of yams, the tenderness of shrimp, the richness of papaya, the comfort of chicken, the surprise of grains of paradise.

In Angola, women want to draw attention to their role and their dignity, just as they want society to have a social awareness of the value of people, to understand their roles and to review and challenge the prejudices and limitations that have been imposed on women. As mothers, wives, daughters, or simply as women, they have fought for their emancipation, battling illiteracy and gender and family violence. They are, above all, an important part of the process of national reconciliation and reconstruction.

From Universal

“I always wait the infinite wait of delay

as an angel despairs

in the magic borders of my sky

I will never forget my deed of tenderness

always dedicated to my son

far away abandoned

by promises that will never be fulfilled

I will never forget the waits

of my endless queues

Human queues to get the essentials

of every day

Despondent centuries and centuries

to assert myself as a woman

With the dignity of a slave

I became used to bearing

The contempt at me launched

And in this provoked human condition

In me the black existence is reborn

and meditating, I reafirm:

I am black as the brownish sun

of afternoons turned yellow

As the moonlight of natural nights

Stained by the yellow dawn of the yearly


Because I am as pretty as the sun-rise

of every day

I am a black, dignified descendant

of the African nobility”

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  1. October 26, 2009 6:50 am

    Beautiful. I can’t wait for the food!

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