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Thank you!

January 22, 2011

I’ve received a number of beautiful and encouraging e.mails from people of many different countries in the past couple weeks.  Many have thanked me for shining a positive light on their country through cooking.  E.mails from Angola truly touched my heart.  Almost all have prompted me to continue with my plan to cook dishes from every country in the world. Thank you.

Have you ever researched a current list of countries?  It is comical how many lists you will find online that differ from one another.  Who knew this part of my cooking experiment would be a challenge!  My decision is to use the World Atlas list.  Not on that list: Greenland, Kosovo, Taiwan, Western Sahara.  I’m adding them, as well.   That brings the number of countries to about 198, give or take a dispute.

Australia is next on my list.  Choosing just a couple dishes from which to learn something about this vast region will also be a challenge.  Suddenly, I’m craving pavlova.

Later today, I am making ravioli from scratch with a group of women who are either Italian-American by birth or marriage.  This is going to be a fun day and I plan on sharing it on this site, when I finally cook my way to the country of Italy.  I’ve been cooking sauce for two days wanting very much to please the palates of these ladies.  Fingers crossed.

My job is such a stressful one and cooking is a refuge for me.  There are days when the only thing that keeps me centered is the thought of being in my kitchen creating something comforting, reliable and delicious when I get home from work.  An excellent tonic for my nerves though not my waistline.

On to Australia.


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